All Types

This interface contains the base methods to be used by the various API classes.

The interface for the Brand API.

The interface for the Build API.

Reactively updates the image of an ImageView whenever the state of its owner changes. An Image can be configured with the following options:

An entity that reactively represents a Ripe instance.

The interface for the Locale API.

An object that emits events. Listeners can bind to specific events and be notified when the event is triggered.

A function to be executed when an event. It receives a dictionary with the response as parameter and returns a deferred result which is completed asynchronously.

Base class of a Ripe Plugin.

Represents a customizable model. The options map supports the following keys:

The API class to be instantiated. Implements all the API interfaces.

The interface for the Size API.

Plugin responsible for applying synchronization rules.

This is a superclass for visual representations of a Ripe instance.